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Art & Culture

Seattle has a fine art scene. Every weekend, numerous live theatre productions are performed all across Seattle including the 5th Avenue Theatre, that is sometimes used as a training ground for many new Broadway shows. The Seattle Symphony, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Seattle Opera are three of the longest performing arts centers in Seattle. You’ll also find unique experiences including dinner theatres like Teatro ZinZanni, The Triple Door and a host of museums. There is a little something for everyone, from family-friendly fare programs, to shows one can only describe as “suitable for adults.” Pioneer Square is home to America’s first Art Walk, which began in 1981. On every first Thursday of the month, from 6 pm to 8 pm, local galleries display new exhibitions and artists. In Occidental Square, local artisans set up booths and sell ceramics, jewelry, prints, and more.

The most iconic symbol of Seattle is the Space Needle. Built for the World’s Fair in 1962, it has views of Elliott Bay, The Cascade Mountains, and Mt. Rainier. Another World’s Fair holdover is the Seattle Center Monorail, which connects people from Seattle Center to downtown’s Westlake center. Pikes Place Market is another favorite; It is home to the original Starbucks café, over 225 artisans, fish-tossing (for which it has become famous), the gum wall, and a plethora of street performers. Other Seattle sites to enjoy are: The Central Public Library, the Seattle Aquarium on the waterfront’s Pier 59, the Seattle Great Wheel, the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour, Chinatown-International District, and the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room.

Shopping & Dining

It’s hard to beat the Pacific Northwest when it comes to all things local. From boutiques and department stores, to antique malls and specialty food purveyors, Seattle is a shopper’s and diners paradise. The downtown retail district is home to a wide variety of stores, including Nordstrom’s flagship store and other Seattle-grown national brands like REI, Brooks Running and Filson. Many of Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods have charming boutique-lined commercial streets as well as markets, vintage malls, and thrift stores.

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Switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle helps reduce fossil fuel emissions directly from your tailpipe as well as from the import of petroleum. Using more energy efficient vehicles like hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles is an important part of continuing this successful trend of minimizing imported petroleum.

Although energy costs for hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles are generally lower for similar conventional vehicles, purchase prices can be higher. Initial costs can be offset by fuel cost savings, a federal tax credit, and state and utility incentives. Some states and utilities also offer incentives. 
Learn more about the incentives that make electric vehicles more affordable here


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Do something Green Today

While you may think you save water by washing your own car, commercial car washes actually conserve a lot more water. In fact, most commercial car washes use 60% less water to clean your entire car compared to only rinsing (not even cleaning) your car at home.

Commercial car washes save water because many of them use two types of recycling systems—100% closed-loop systems and partial recycle systems. Closed-loop systems recycle 100% of the water used to wash and rinse your car, and partial systems recycle only the wash water.

Besides recycling the water, commercial car washes also have absorption systems that prevent the chemical-filled water from traveling into storm drains. When you wash your car at home, the soapy water trickles into nearby drains that lead directly to lakes, rivers, and other waterways. This tainted water can then harm marine wildlife and water quality.

At TRMG We Make Every Day Earth Day.

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