Destination Counseling
The areas we cover are often complex and diverse, so we take time to find out what your employees can afford and what they are looking for. Our Destination Counselors also answer questions about housing options, price ranges, and community patterns, and provide other local information the candidate might need. Destination Counseling can be priced separately if a tour is not required, but is provided for free with a tour. 
Area and Rental Tours
Based on the Destination Counseling session, TRMG pairs the client with Destination Guides who have in-depth knowledge of the specific areas that best meet the client's needs. Tours can also be scaled to fit budget: Half-day, full-day, or group tours can be arranged.
Tour Feedback within 24 Hours
During destination counseling and tours, candidates often talk to us about their relocation concerns. By providing feedback within 24 hours of a tour, TRMG can alert the company to issues that might hold a candidate back from making the decision to relocate. Using this feedback, the company can then consider supportive adjustments to make the relocation offer more attractive. Tour reports are concise and informative.
International Assistance
International candidates face additional challenges when relocating. TRMG guides international hires, whether long-term or short-term, through the many processes that accompany an international relocation, including the acquisition of a social security number and driver’s license. We also help to set up banking, utilities, and other issues to make settling-in less stressful.
Develop Relocation Policies
TRMG will work with your company to shape the effective and cost-efficient destination services policies needed to meet specific recruitment goals.

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