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Your Partner for Successful Relocations

The Right Move Group partners with corporations and full-service relocation companies to provide the local destination services necessary to bring the right job candidates and get your employees relocated efficiently. From one employee to hundreds, relocation programs will be more successful with destination services provided by The Right Move Group. We’ll get your new employees ready to focus on their jobs right away.

The Right Move Group Difference

TRMG employees, not consultants, oversee service provision

To offer the best counsel, the Destination Counselor analyzes detailed information collected from each client. This information is never shared with TRMG Guides or Realtors. The Destination Counselor shares only the relevant information regarding the client’s housing requirements so that the appropriate areas and housing types can be shown.

TRMG’s local experts stay with your employee


As the primary point of contact, the TRMG Destination Counselor sees the big picture for each employee and will assign service provision as necessary, enlisting multiple guides when needed. The Destination Counselor is always available to offer advice and answer questions. We’re happy to hear from your employee anytime (and at no extra cost to your company).

A flexible menu of destination services

TRMG is a nimble company that will work with you to shape the right destination services for your company. From group moves to agent referral agreements, we partner with your company to define an effective relocation program. When a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for your company, you can rely on TRMG’s flexibility and 30 years of experience.​

Targeted destination information, delivered online

TRMG provides a private web portal with proprietary destination information on our location-specific websites (viewable on smart phones and tablets), along with Google Maps-based tour itineraries that ensure easy access to the destination information clients want when they need it.

A cost-effective HR strategy


Partnering with TRMG relieves your company of the time-consuming and expensive coordination of the destination services that can make the difference between the right candidate accepting the job or deciding to pass on the opportunity.

You can rest easy, TRMG is taking care of it


Because we are local, TRMG can be immediately responsive to our clients’ needs. We can schedule tours within 48 hours, and TRMG takes care of every detail from contacting the employee to reporting back to you. You need only initiate destination services and wait for the follow-up report – which you will have in hand 24 hours after destination service provision.

Our local knowledge: Your successful relocation.

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