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  • Lori Lindsay

Let the professionals wash your car

Do something Green Today

While you may think you save water by washing your own car, commercial car washes actually conserve a lot more water. In fact, most commercial car washes use 60% less water to clean your entire car compared to only rinsing (not even cleaning) your car at home.

Commercial car washes save water because many of them use two types of recycling systems—100% closed-loop systems and partial recycle systems. Closed-loop systems recycle 100% of the water used to wash and rinse your car, and partial systems recycle only the wash water.

Besides recycling the water, commercial car washes also have absorption systems that prevent the chemical-filled water from traveling into storm drains. When you wash your car at home, the soapy water trickles into nearby drains that lead directly to lakes, rivers, and other waterways. This tainted water can then harm marine wildlife and water quality.

At TRMG We Make Every Day Earth Day.

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